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Shirley Worland, PhD
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Education profile:
  • PhD – University of Queensland, Australia 2010
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) – University ofQueensland, Australia 1992
  • Diploma of Ministry – Australian College of Theology, Sydney, Australia, 2005
  • Certificate IV Assessment and Training – Australia1997
Teaching Roles and Responsibilities:
BA and MA in Social Science (International Program)
  • Religions and social change
  • Poverty and Health
Research Interests:
  • Karen refugee resettlement
  • Migrant education in Thailand (specifically with the CBO - Migrant Education Integration Initiative)
  1. Worland, S. & Vaddhanaphuti, C. (2013). Religious expressions of spirituality by displaced Karen from Burma: The need for a spiritually sensitive social work response. International Social Work, 56(3), 384-402.
  2. Worland, S. & Darlington, Y. (2010). The Identity of Displaced Karen in the Context of Resettlement:Threat or Opportunity? APJSWD. 20 (1), 16-28.
  3. Burma – A Nation ruled by Evil but maintained in Hope – Council of International Fellowship (CIF) WorldNews, August 2008, p.11.
  4. CIF - The Indian Experience, CIF World News, July 2001, pp. 7-8.
  5. Operation to Separate Siamese Twins Successful – CIF World News, February, 2007, pp. 22-23.
  6. A Crosscultural Learning Experience for Social Workers, AASW National Bulletin, Vol 12:1, 2002, pp 22-3.


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B.A. in Social Science (Inter.), CMU

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