Picture Ta Wei Chu
Dr. Ta-Wei Chu
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2015: Ph.D. (East Asian Studies) University of Leeds
2006: M.A. (Southeast Asian Studies) Tamkang University
2003: B.A. (Russian), Tamkang University
Social Science Theories, World of Social Sciences Transnationalism and Social Issues, Regionalization in Development Process, Transborder Studies
Human security issues in Southeast Asia, ASEAN's human security policies, Human Rights Abuses in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, human insecurities in the Mekong River Basin




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International Exchanges and Networks

นักวิชาการอาคันตุกะ (Visiting scholars)
aj christopher
Dr. Christopher M. Joll
aj shigeharu
Prof. Shigeharu  Tanabe


B.A. in Social Science (Inter.), CMU

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