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Thaklong, N., Leepreecha, Pl, Wittayapak, C., Mangkang, C. (2019) Trans-national Education System for Students from the Mekong Region Thai Universities. Asian Journal of University Education. 15(1). Pp. 2-19. 

The aim is of this research is to study issues of the trans-national education system of students from the Mekong region who are enrolled at Thai universities. Qualitative research was conducted to collect data from Bachelor's degree students who are studying at Thai universities. The research instruments were in the form of a questionnaire, which consisted of multiple choice and open-ended questions, based on the review of related literature on Trans-nationalism. The results demonstrated that students from the Mekong region who study at Thai universities use different sponsor to their study. Some students were granted a scholarship while others were self-supporting. However, all of them had the same aspiration: to apply the knowledge acquired in Thailand to benefit their country and the people around them after graduation. The problems faced by the students were related to language, culture, and food. Most of the students from Mekong region had to adjust themselves to the culture and the society they were living in. After their graduation, the students from the Mekong region expressed their concerned issues to the educational administrators in the Thai universities. The concerned issues are: international curriculums, student exchange programs and teaching materials should be more up-to-date and beneficial to the students.

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  • Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Prasit Leepreecha ( รองศาสตราจารย์ ดร.ประสิทธิ์ ลีปรีชา )
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  • Year: 2019